Instructional Model

Nevada Passport Academy (NVPA) is committed to identifying all of the barriers that may have previously prevented students from graduating high school. We address these issues through quality instruction and targeted support services, thus putting our students on a path to success after high school. 

The online high school program provides NVPA students with a high school experience like no other. With a library of online courses from which to choose, students can enjoy an individualized program tailored to their goals and abilities.

Benefits of the Program

NVPA students receive many benefits through the K12 high school program, including:

  • An outstanding, individualized education
  • Multiple course options to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • A comprehensive high school catalog 
  • An Individualized Learning Plan for each student that charts a course for success during and after high school
  • Teachers, advisors, counselors, coordinators, and other educational personnel who offer personalized, extensive support to students and families
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities

With NVPA, you can chart your own course, choosing from a variety of courses at different ability levels to match your learning needs and goals.