You're not like everyone else. Neither are we.

No matter what's gotten in your way, at Nevada Passport Academy (NVPA) we'll work with you to create an individualized plan for both high school and post-high school success—to college, to a vocational program, or straight to a career that fits who you are.

  • Tuition-free schooling that's part of Nevada Public Schools
  • A flexible schedule that works with your job, your family, and your life
  • The award-winning K12 curriculum for a high-quality education
  • An individualized learning approach to meet your personal needs
  • Support from passionate, professional certified teachers
  • Students graduate with a high school diploma that meets all state requirements

Who is this intended for?

NVPA serves high school students under age 21 who will graduate from the program before they turn 21, and who reside in Nevada.

What is the tuition cost for this school?

As part of the public school system, NVPA is tuition-free.

How do I get started?

See our How to Enroll section for more information about the enrollment process.